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Orissa Stevedores Ltd. are the market leaders in the field of bulk cargo handling bulk cargo and have a presence in all major ports located on the East Coast of India. The Cuttack-based company handled over ten million tons of cargo during the last year and has long-term contracts with some of the top industrial houses in the private and public sector. The company is also experienced in the inland logistics and transportation of bulk cargo. They have a vast network of offices that help clients move cargo in efficient and economical manner through out the Eastern region of India.  
Using their experience in cargo handling Orissa Stevedores shall ensure that the port operations are efficient and cost effective. They would also judge the real needs of the port users and accordingly address them.
Besides stevedoring and bulk handling, OSL also has diversified interests in Hospitality, Autodistribution, Education & Construction.
Sara International Ltd. is India's leading manufacturing and trading house with a turnover of over 100 million dollars. The group is an internationally renowned commodities trader and has diversified into infrastructure and supply chain management. Sara International Ltd. is in a public-private partnership with the Indian railways for placement of railway wagons in exchange for priority movement of their cargo. Sara has in house stregth to move their captive cargo through Gopalpour Port.  
Besides commodity trading and infrastructure development, SIL, has interests in manufacturing of textiles. Its subsidiary, Sara Textiles Ltd., is one of the largest manufacturers of terry towels in India and has offices in Europe, Middle East and various parts of India. For more information on STL, please visit www.saratextiles.com. Recently, SIL has signed a sourcing agreement with one of the largest European retailers for sourcing, quality control and logistics for their complete procurement out of the Indian sub continent.










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