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Gopalpur Port, located on the East coast of India in the State of Orissa is one of the most environment friendly ports in region. The Port is being developed on a 4 Km stretch of coast line, which is devoid of vegetation. This area is barren and falls in the rain shadow region. There are no mangrove/tidal rain forest. This area is not home to any endangered species of flora or fauna. The other sensitive area which may be of concern to other ports like nesting grounds of Olive Ridley Turtles are also not in the Port Zone. Nor is the proposed site near any heritage, historical or any place of national importance. The nearest habitation is the fishing village of Arjipalli which falls outside the proposed port site.
The construction of the Port will involve acquisition of land, but here again the environment friendly aspect of the Port comes into fore. The land to be acquired is mostly the de-graded area which has been mined out by Indian Rare Earths Ltd. In fact what is today degraded land will be converted into a state of the art Port in future
Due to its very nature, that is a state of the art Port, a small number of persons would be needed to operate the facilities thereby reducing the burden on the land for mass housing. The Port management has plans to carry out afforestation in the area to enhance the natural beauty and add to the ecological balance.
The Port is located in along side NH 217 which is connected to NH 5, 6 Kms. Away. As such connectivity is not an issue. No large scale road development of roads is needed. A railway line also exists on the boundary of Port which is sufficient for a long period and would not require expansion.
The Port management has taken a view that no industrial activity shall be allowed on the Port premises. There shall be adequate facility to recycle and treat the industrial/sewage waste.
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