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The company believes in a professional approach towards execution of projects. To ensure this the company has constituted a competent Board of Directors to turn this philosophy into a success oriented reality.
The Board of Directors consists of the following:-
Mr. D. P. Singh, Chairman
Mr. Mahimanandan Mishra, Managing Director
Mr. M. M. Moharana, Director (Operations)
Mr. Ranjan Sharma, Independent Director. He is a well known figure in the field of
  finance with an experience of more than 20 years in Financial Management of mega
  projects. He is helping Gopalpur Ports Ltd. in areas of corporate finance, corporate Governance and putting in place the Management practices.
Mr. C. V. Dikshith, Independent Director. Mr. Dikshith is one of the best known figures
  in the Indian Maritime sector. He has a vast experience in developing, managing various private ports. He is expected to bring his expertise in port planning and shipping trends to help Gopalpur Ports Ltd. develop into a world class state of the art facility.
Gopalpur ports believe in the best. Apart from the Board of directors there are a group of specialists from various fields on the panel. These well known names in the fields of banking and policy making ensure that the company gets the most competent know-how for developing the best systems in the organization.







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