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Gopalpur, a natural port of Orissa, is one of the ideally located and topographically suited deep sea ports on the East Coast of India. The mammoth task of developing Gopalpur has been awarded to Sara International Ltd. and Orissa Stevedores Ltd.
Certain inherent advantages of Gopalpur Port -
The proximity from NH make it if not closest, then one of closest ports to NH.
Existing railway siding is ready to handle Cargo
120,000 DWT vessels handling
15 - 20 berths with 3 separate harbours.
2400 m long southeast breakwater
40,000 TPD Coal 60,000 TPD Iron
120,000 m2 Covered Storage
Existing Rail Siding
During the shipping season from November 2007 - May 2008, 350,000 tons of cargo was handled. This included Ores, Minerals, Agri Products, Project Cargo and Fertilizers. The port is currently closed for developmental activities and will resume normal operations on 15th September 2008.
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